Prescription Request for Medication NOT on your repeat list

If you need some medication that was prescribed to you in the past, but not on your Repeat Prescriptions and you now need it again, you can use this medication review e-consult form:

Kingsnorth Medical Practice (


When the form asks you:

"Why are you completing this review?"

Please choose the second tab: "Medication query/request"

Then please describe in the box provided which medication you are requesting, when you had it in the past and for what reason. Please tell us why you think you need the medication again. 

The form will go on to ask you about all your other medication, please complete the form accordingly.

If the doctor thinks it is not safe to prescribe, they will message you back with advice.


Medications likely to be approved: Hayfever medication, creams, recently started blood pressure tablets, Antidepressant or Cholesterol tablets, some Antivirals and Painkillers.

Medications unlikely be approved: Antibiotics, Controlled drugs, Antidepressants that were used in the past.
You still can do an e-consult and explain your request but the Doctor would want to speak to you first.